Myths and Facts

Since launching on May 2, 2013, there have been a number of myths surrounding the recall, the Committee – San Bernardino Residents’ for Responsible Government, and its proponents.  Here are those myths and the real facts.

Myth 1: 

Supporters of the Committee want to “rob” the water department to solve the City’s bankruptcy.


San Bernardino Residents for Responsible Government opposes moving or redirecting funds from the City’s Water Department to the General Fund or to solve the City’s bankruptcy. The City must have new leadership and new ideas to solve the bankruptcy issues.

 Myth 2:

San Bernardino Residents’ for Responsible Government is run (or funded) by a group of “out of town” or “Los Angeles” developers attempting to “take over the City!”


There are no “out-of-town” or “Los Angeles” developers on the Committee.

San Bernardino Residents’ for Responsible Government is a group of residents, business owners and students who live or work in the City. There are 10 core members of the Committee and a growing number of general members.  As of today, no contributions have been received from any out-of-town or Los Angeles developer.  The Committee, however; is not precluding contributions from those who live outside the City who feel that our current leadership is unable to create a safe, healthy, business-friendly city. There are many former residents, parents, educators and business owners who passionately support a better future for San Bernardino.

Those who oppose our Recall will say anything to try and distract residents from hearing the hard truth about the City’s failed leadership.

Myth 3:

Scott Beard is an “out of town” developer.


Scott Beard is a 14 year resident of the 7th Ward in the City of San Bernardino whose children and grandchildren have attended our schools. From his office in Rialto, he has worked in real estate development throughout San Bernardino County, managing projects that have brought substantial revenue to dozens of San Bernardino-based contractors and businesses. He is a Building Commission Board Member and the Responsible Officer of San Bernardino Residents for Responsible Government, thus serving as its primary spokesperson.

Myth 4: 

The Committee is hiding its contributors.


As a State-registered Political Action Committee, we are legally required to disclose contributions at regular intervals. We will publish contributions on Form 460 with both the Secretary of State and the City Clerk.  The Secretary of State postings are available on the web at, and we will meet all filing deadlines as required. For all other members, it’s completely up to them whether they wish to be identified; publicizing group members is not relevant to our mission.

Myth 5: 

The recall will be expensive to the City.


The Committee deliberately scheduled this Recall effort to coincide with the regular City-wide ballot on November 5, 2013, in order to reduce cost-impacts to the City. The City will be required to certify the signatures on the petition and subsequently expand the ballot, but otherwise there are relatively few additional added expenses. The estimates of the costs of the election are just that, estimates. But while this will add some costs to the November 5 election, it’s important to realize that the Recall Process is a guarantee of our democracy that allows a citizenship to take action against failed leadership

There have been attempts by Council Members and the City Attorney to delay the recall in order to cause a “special ballot” that would cost the City substantially more money. To date, we have defended the Recall documents and the challenges that would have delayed the vote to a special ballot.

Myth 6:

The Committee is run by “the same guys as before.”


The proponents for the 2012 recall effort are not the same as the current Committee. The funding is different.

Myth 7:

San Bernardino Residents’ for Responsible Government has a list of hand-picked candidates’ to take control of the City.


There is not a list of candidates beholden to the Committee members.  San Bernardino Residents’ for Responsible Government is NOT a candidates’ committee and cannot provide political support to candidates under our formation guidelines.  The Committee is in support of the Recall only.

Myth 8:

The recall will negatively impact the bankruptcy proceedings.


This action has no impact on the pending bankruptcy proceedings – it merely would change who will represent the City before the Court, who will decide on the City’s actions, and what direction will be taken.  It will have NO bearing on the City’s eligibility before the bankruptcy court or require the proceeding to be dismissed.

Myth 9:

The recall will cause the City to dissolve.


No.  It will not cause our City to dissolve.  If we do nothing, our leaders will continue to languish and do nothing to help this City emerge from the bankruptcy.  As residents, we need to move our City forward in a direction to restore fiscal responsibility; leadership; and integrity.

Myth 10:

Signatures are commonly forgeries in these types of petitions.


The ballot petition process has been a trusted tool of democracy and voters nationwide, and there are several checks and balances against fraud built into the process. It is ridiculous to suggest that for some reason, our recall signatures will not be valid. We fully expect the Registrar of Voters to find that our signature gathering process met all legal requirements.